Amavi The Label is designed in Australia and produced in Bali.


All Amavi The Label products are handmade using ethically sourced materials from Indonesia, working with local and talented artisans to bring you the magic that is Amavi The Label.


Each piece is exclusive and beautiful in it’s own way, just like You!

AMiRA jewellery began with a girl who loved to create.  Every moment of every day was devoted to making things....paintings, sculptures, necklaces, drawings. Amira uses macrame techniques learned while traveling and volunteering in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Uruguay to create unique pieces of body adornment. Amira has recently been snapped up by Anthropologie.


Nathan and his wife Amanda started Anchored Threads late Spring 2013. With Nathan's passion for graphic design, the couple decided to start a company selling t-shirts. They soon realized what started off as a dream was becoming a successful endeavor. With a year in the books, Amanda and Nathan had the itch to grow the business. They started asking "what kind of products are people needing?" They soon realized the need to craft products that were functional, aesthetically pleasing, and built to last...handmade items using the finest leathers and other materials to ensure longevity and a product you will be proud to pass down for generations. 

Willko's very own label. Designed by us and handmade from sterling silver in Thailand. Simple and easy style.

CaraCruz, in Spanish, HeadsTails. 

Argentine expats, Tania and Jimena, are both small town gals who wound up in Brooklyn looking for adventure. They both come from families where things were always being made, bread and buttons, scones and scarves, necklaces and neckties.Their inspiration is drawn from the cornucopia of people, art, cement, cars, buildings, parks, and everything that makes a walk or a subway trip around New York a new adventure every day. Delicacies with an enchanting twist in each of them. These pieces are meant to be worn every day, with every outfit, be worn and forgotten about, become your second skin. Flip the coin. CaraCruz.

A privately owned company based in Austin, TX. Founded by three Southern gentlemen hailing from Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. With an emphasis on small batch processing, homegrown business practices, and Southern values, EastWest Bottlers prides itself on taking care of their customers while bringing unique and captivating products to ladies and gentlemen all over the world.

Finlay & Co. was founded by four friends with an aspiration to draw out people’s individuality by designing eyewear which is unique, desirable and wearable. From their studio in central London, they are committed to design and innovation, to produce eyewear unlike any other.

The friends are inspired by the individual not by the collective. This allows them genuine freedom to create a collection with a difference.

Gag & Lou’s sweet story began on France’s Île de Ré during a summer holiday, when founder Agnes’ daughters Margaux and Laura (Gag and Lou) began making bracelets and selling them to other beachgoers. The endeavor soon became the family business. Each delicate, handmade piece captures the carefree spirit of seaside holidays.

Echo Park-based jewellery designer Kristen Levy got her first taste of design while learning Native American beadwork at the age of 10. Exploring the jewellery boxes of her mother and grandmother, she would rework broken jewellery into pieces for herself. 

The current collection's minimalist and modern aesthetic is rooted in nature and draws inspiration from from indigenous reverie, honoring the African Porcupine. Kristen uses their quills to create some of the collection's signature pieces. Porcupines shed their quills naturally, like hair, which are then carefully gathered and cleaned, leaving the animals completely unharmed. Porcupines and their quills represent trust, innocence, invincibility, intelligence, and are symbols of protection from dark spirits.

Phoebe and Delia Langdon love making beautiful things.  They have designed and handmade a collection of handwoven textiles for you and your home.  All of their goods are hand woven by artisans in Rajasthan, India using traditional techniques and the finest materials and metallic threads.  By purchasing their products you are not only supporting the communities that these goods are created in, you are helping preserve generations of skill and craft.


Monsieur Blonde is a handmade, refined and timeless jewellery brand, inspired by childhood memories, vintage treasures, and ethnic chic. The French designer uses her own experiences and sensitivity to create. There's a small piece of her heart in every style she creates.
A collection of perfumed candles hand made in Australia. Each candle is developed as an ode to memories from founder Elise Pioch’s childhood in the South of France. From her experience working in fashion in Paris and Sydney, Elise sought to create a range that was both beautiful and sentimental.  Working with makers and perfumers in Australia, she has created a range of signature scents that evoke various olfactive memories; these candles make up the core Maison Balzac range. 
Inspired by the overflowing jewellery boxes of her Grandmother Phyllis and Aunt Rosie, Phyllis+Rosie Jewellery is designed, handmade and based in New York City. Inspired by pop culture, street style and the idea of looking effortlessly cool, Phyllis+Rosie pieces are created for the girl who merges classic sophistication with a bit of edge.

A luxury Australian label specialising in beautiful hats with a focus on quality craftsmanship & functionality using the finest Australian Merino wool as well as the same Toquilla straw as the traditional versions of Panama hats from Ecuador. This label has moved swiftly to become a mainstay in the wardrobes of the fashion elite and celebrities alike including Fifi Geldof, Jesinta Campbell, Rachel Finch, Pia Miller and many more. Sarah takes cue from each fashion season, creating hats in the hottest colours and shapes of each season, making each range as covetable as the last.

Australian-born painter and sculptor Scosha launched her eponymous jewellery line in Brooklyn 2007. Scosha discovered her affinity for the craft of jewellery during years of world travel. Fascinated by how people, objects and places are connected, and what connects them kinetically and energetically.
A talented jewellery designer based in Venice Beach, California. She is a beautiful, creative soul. Staying true to her work with all things natural, these handcrafted wood and gem pieces harness one of nature's strongest voices: the ocean.
The Base Project is a socially-motivated fashion brand building a bridge between artisans in the developing world and the fashion market. Through their fashion products they create jobs and invest in community development projects.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Sonja has 20 years experience in design and creates by hand only items that she would use in everyday life. The Goods Co's trademark foldover clutch is unstructured in shape and beautifully perfect. A Willko favourite!