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SCOSHA the brand, was founded in 2010 by Scosha Woolridge, and expat Australian living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. 

Drawing inspiration from her travels around the world: from the sand dunes of Brazil, to a journey on an illegal cargo boat venturing down the Amazon River, to pink dolphins, (Yes, pink dolphins are real, I looked it up) Scosha crafted her first pieces from these precious memories.  Her signature braided bracelets,  for men, women and children, with a tiny accent bead that could fit any one anywhere on the planet, are a favourite of ours – I never take mine off – and are designed to be worn every day, as an extension of the wearer… we love that.

All Scosha pieces are meticulously handcrafted using ancient techniques for metalsmithing, stone setting and weaving.  Many of these techniques are in danger of dying out, and we love that Scosha is keeping it alive for another generation.



The brand, and its namesake designer, is committed to an authentic point of view of environmental, social, and personal awareness.  We love this too.

Scosha’s line is: “Where adventures begin...” ours is “It’s about the story…” We think it’s going to be a very long and happy marriage…


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  • Sarah Willmott

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